May 22, 2015

It's Friday and we're doing the happy dance.  We've enjoyed getting back into our routine this week and we're happy to say goodbye to the busyness of the last couple of months!


It's been a productive week in our homeschool.  The Boy has been busy with his normal workload, but his focus this week has been all things North Carolina.  We moved here from Alabama a few years ago and have much to learn about NC.  Our current LLATL unit is all about research; even better, his task is to research our state for a presentation.  We can all benefit from this project!

homeschool research north carolina
Although the internet is my first stop for information, I still believe there's value in knowing how to use library resources.  He now agrees.  After all, that's how he learned that we have Boogertown in our state and that Blackbeard married his 13th wife here.  Priceless information, right?
letter of the week s preschool homeschool
Letter S has been Prissy's guest of honor this week.  As far as pre-writing goes, S has been a little tricky for her.  She'll get it eventually.  When it came time to hand her the scissors and let her practice cutting, I had to hold my breath a bit.  Scissors and a 3 year-old have the potential to be a bad match, but she handled them like a professional.   

S is for Strawberries 

Why not enjoy some beautiful strawberries while we're rolling out the carpet for Letter S?  It was a perfect time to try this Strawberries and Cream Skillet Cobbler recipe.   This cobbler tasted great, but it's the beauty of it all that I still can't get over.  Have you ever seen strawberries in a cast iron skillet?  They're a stunning pair. 

That's it for us this week.  We're signing off and looking forward to our time together. 

From our family to yours, have a blessed week!
Happy to be a part of the Homegrown Learners Collage Friday Community!


Yum! The strawberries look so good. you all had a great week. We love little tidbits of knowledge around here. I never knew Blackbeard had any wives...13 wives.....Yikes!
Blessings, Dawn


Oh, I can't wait to go get strawberries from the farm! They're not in season here until the end of June and I plan to get 20 or so pounds! Can you have enough of them? ;) Sometimes I think research at the library is a skill that's fading out...It's great to know that others still find that value!


Thanks for stopping by Dawn! We learned lots of other info about Blackbeard. Apparently he spent lots of time in our area. He's got lots of stuff in museums around here.


We're lucky when it comes to strawberries. They grow them on lots of farms in our area and they're ready in the springtime. :)


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