January 10, 2015

Is there anything better than a good book?  Regardless of how busy I get, I try my best to make time for reading. 

Sometimes I'm reading fiction: classics, Christian fiction, Amish fiction, fantasy, whatever.  I love, love, love some good fiction!  I can't be the only one who just needs to escape from the madness for a bit and jump into another time and place.  Tell me I'm not alone! 

Sometimes I'm reading up on homeschooling and education topics.  From encouragement to researching educational aspects of the homeschool lifestyle, there's nothing like hearing from those who have walked this path too. 

Yet there are times when I'm reading books that challenge me to walk closer to God, to live more intentionally, and focus on His plans for my life rather than my own. 

January Reading List books goodreads

I've been a Shelfari user for years now; I've always enjoyed that community.  Through Shelfari's book tracker, I set a goal of reading 50 books for myself last year.  I came absurdly, disgustingly close to reaching my goal.  I read 49 stinking books in 2014 and finished what would've been my 50th around 1:30 AM on January 1, 2015.  I wish I was kidding. 

Similar to Shelfari, but considerably more active, I recently joined Goodreads.  This community has so much to offer!  I may continue to update my Shelfari account, but I'll primarily use Goodreads for my literary needs from now on. 

(That's your gentle nudge to friend me on Goodreads in case you were wondering.)

I decided to stick with my goal of 50 books for this year too.  I probably should've upped my game a little, but opted not to since I didn't quite reach 50 last year.  Here's a list of what I'm reading now.

Currently Reading

Cold Sassy Tree
0 of 5 stars
tagged: currently-reading
The Magician's Nephew
0 of 5 stars
tagged: currently-reading and read-alouds


I'm terrible about reading multiple books at once, so it will probably take me all month to get through these.  What about you?  What's on your shelf this month? 


I love how you shared your book list :) I love good books and Goodreads. Sorry if you get this comment twice, I'm not sure if my first one went through.


Thanks for stopping by Kimberly! Let me know if you have any book suggestions...I'm always up for new ones to add to my Kindle. :)


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