November 20, 2014

ecclesiastes 3:1 preschool craft

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."
~Ecclesiastes 3:1

The leaves on our trees have changed colors and are drifting away as I write this.  I must confess here that I had planned to do all kinds of Pinterest-inspired fall crafts with the kids.  I had great intentions, honestly.  Now that most of the leaves are gone, I realized that I've done nothing.  Nothing at all.  It's just sad.  Looks like it's time to do a #TBT (I'm going to Throwback Thursday on here just because I can).  Are you looking for one last adorable fall craft to do with your little ones?  Here's a simple one that I did with The Boy several years ago. 

ecclesiastes 3:1 preschool craft

It's not too hard to see what's going on in The Boy's picture here.  I gave him a few sheets of construction paper and let him tear up the leaves.  I cut out a little tree trunk and let him glue until his heart was content.  After that, we opened up Ecclesiastes 3 and read for a bit.  Although I love that passage and would have loved to discuss it more, we focused on the seasons a little one could grasp.  That's how we ended up making fall trees in the first place.  I like to think I was being a rockstar that day and probably used Ecclesiastes to transition into a study on seasons that involved weather, animals, and whatnot.  Eh, that's probably not how it went down. 

ecclesiastes 3:1 preschool craft
Prissy's version is pretty much the same thing.  The Boy was a little older than her when he did this so I opted to cut up little squares for her and handle all glue squeezing.  Her primary involvement was to put the squares where she wanted them and that was plenty of fun for her.  I don't plan to have any other kids to test it out on, but I'm guessing that tissue paper would make a nice variation of it.  Oh, and actually taking the time to make the scripture look nice would probably be a good thing too.  You'd think I would have done it with one of them, but not so much. 
And that's it.  Maybe I'll turn it up a notch next year and actually do all of the things I pinned for fall. Who am I kidding?  Maybe I'll turn it up and do one, maybe two, of the things I pinned for fall.  That's more realistic, right?   
Have you done any fall activities with your kiddos this year? 

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